Mini Holster fits Kimber® PepperBlaster 2 - MCEDA0099

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 Mini Holster protects the PepperBlaster 2 trigger from accidental discharge. It features positive retention with a retracting tab and has a built-in belt loop for a standard 1.5” belt or will grip the waistband of your pants (rotate the holster in either direction 90 degrees to remove it from pants or a belt.  Also includes mounting tape so the belt-loop side can be mounted to any smooth surface to keep the PB 2 within easy reach. (Please use the included alcohol wipe to clean the surface before mounting to ensure a good bond.)

 It can be mounted in a car, under a desk, store counter, bedside table, carried in your pocket, on your belt, in your glove box or numerous other handy locations. 

Ambidextrous design allows mounting on the left or right side depending upon preference.


Kimber® PepperBlaster II: