About us


We specialize in custom design, prototyping and on-demand production of unique and innovative shooting accessories via 3D printing technology (fused filament fabrication).

3D printing technology has empowered us to develop High-Quality Custom Shooting Accessories that in the past would have been cost prohibitive. Within a matter of hours we can take an idea from initial design to a physical model for testing. A day or two later through multiple revisions and then final product testing and manufacturing.

3D printing continues to evolve at an accelerated pace and as new materials, processes and equipment become available and affordable our products will evolve as well.

Currently we sell our products through Amazon.com, EBay.com and our own direct web store.

MCE Digital Armory
6225 W 48th Ave #203
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Office: 303-940-0083 (M-F 8 to 5)
Fax: 303-216-0713

email: davidbarwin@mac.com