Saiga Shotgun Mag Pouch - 12 Gauge - eAMP Challenger MagP0131

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MagP00131 eAMP Challenger Saiga Shotgun Magazine Pouch - 12 Gauge

Modular eAMP design daisy-chains and articulates with the rest of the eAMP series of magazine pouches. 

Default belt loop adapter is 1 5/8" x1/4" but we also offer 1 3/4"x1/4", 2"x5/16", 2 1/4"x5/16" and MOLLE at the time of purchase or they are available individually in the store.

Engineered and  3D printed in USA from temperature and impact-resistant PC+PBT polymer. Design includes a 7.5-degree cant between the belt face and shotshell to aid in smooth and rapid retrieval.

US Pat 9,448,050 and other patents pending