Glock 43 9mm Mag Pouch - eAMP Patriot MagP0063

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MagP0063 - eAMP Patriot - Glock 43 9mm Magazine Pouch

Magazine pouch, belt height spacers and articulating hinge pins are included.  

Buy multiples to daisy chain them together or see our other pre-configured models. 



Patented modular design with other patents pending. 

eAMP = expandable • Articulating • Magazine Pouch

expandable... add or remove pouches as your desire

Articulating... It bends and flexes to match your belt line perfectly

Magazine Pouch... Includes manual retention along the back edge so you can adjust each individual magazine slot as you like.

Designed for magazines that are approx. 17.3mm wide x 33.1mm deep x 93mm tall

Engineered and  3D printed in USA from temperature resistant Z-ABS plastic. Refined design includes a 7.5 degree deviation between the belt face and magazines to aid in smooth and rapid retrieval and a manual retention device to customize to your preference. 

Will fit belts up to 2" high and 5/16" thick. Includes belt width spacers for 1.5" and 1.75" belts and an extra set of articulation pins.

No velcro to wear out from repeated use, made in the USA and designed specifically for your gun/magazine.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. US Pat. 9,448,050 and other patents pending.