Handcuff Pouch - eAMP LoPro ModP0312

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Handcuff Pouch - eAMP LoPro ModP0307 (Handcuffs are NOT included).


A straight loop and a 7.5-degree cant loop is included for each pouch. The straight loop is the lowest profile and the 7.5-degree loop tips the handcuffs away from the body to ease access to them when wearing a bulletproof vest.


eAMP = expandable • Articulating • Modular • Pouch 


expandable... add or remove pouches as you desire


Articulating... It pivots and flexes to match your belt line perfectly


Modular Pouch... daisy-chains to any of the other LoPro pouches for a cohesive look and feel.


Engineered and  3D printed in the USA from USA-produced PC+ PBT polymer.


No velcro to wear out from repeated use, made in the USA and designed specifically for your gun/magazine.


GUARANTEED not to split, break or fail.